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Trumpet Performance

Mr. Heisler is a professional freelance trumpet soloist; offering exquisite performance in both the Jazz & Classical idioms.

“With a performance degree from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, I studied under the fine tutelage of Mr. Brad Goode.  Over the course of my career I have studied with the following esteemed mentors: Steve Enos, Geoffery Hardcastel, James Darling, John Schlabach, & Terry Frenz Jr.”


Mr. Heisler is a unique mentor.  Due to his extensive and versatile performance career, Mr. Heisler offers a variety of instruction.  Mr. Heisler teaches Classical and Jazz Trumpet Lessons.  Many of his students participate in All-State & Honor Bands and continue their musical  studies at institutions of higher education.

“I am willing and able to teach beginners through professional levels.  Each level and student demonstrate their own challenges that require different, creative solutions and instruction.  My wish is to help students understand the value of their unique relationship to music and inspire them to create a lifetime of great art.”


Musicianship Skills

Mr. Heisler organizes curricula and teaches classes in music theory, history, composition and musicianship skills.  With a thorough knowledge of these musical disciplines in both the Jazz & Classical Idioms,  Mr. Heisler provides; courses offerings to local education programs, as well as study through private instruction.

“It is gratifying for me to help musicians grow in their art, regardless of their experience, talent or abilities. I hope to cultivate a desire within each student to recognize beauty in art, within themselves and in the world around them. My ambition is to help them understand the value of their unique relationship to music and inspire them to create a lifetime of great art.”

Trumpet Diatonics ©

“Trumpet Diatonics © is a poetic training in the coordination required to build skill.  My pedagogy orders the ears to work rightly within diatonicism.  The practices prescribed in this volume are graded to protect the musician from mental fatigue and physical injury.  With Trumpet Diatonics ©, technical advancement is assured, while maintaining a prodigious emphasis on proper aural literacy.   Kindly continue scrolling down if you are interested in learning more about Trumpet Diatonics ©.”

Jazz Studio

“In learning to play Jazz, my students study African American Spirituals, European Marches, Popular Tunes and Dance Music from the 1800’s, The Blues, The American Standards Songbook, and Be-Bop.”  Become a student today!

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To my students…

If you feel you need to play the trumpet, then you must. Don’t worry about a career, or success, or failure. The musicians who are most fulfilled never stop working at their craft. There is no finish line, so don’t compare yourself to others’ talent, situations, and perceived circumstances; work on what you know YOU […]


Students of JC have continued their musical instruction in their acceptance to the following institutions. IU Jacobs School of Music Denison University Otterbein University University of Michigan School of Music UC College Conservatory of Music

Rules for Trumpet Diatonics ©

  Rules Play what you hear perfectly. Always play by ear. Perform; do not practice. Tonality is gravity; it forms all technique. Have a goal; Make a plan. Perform “practice cell” without stopping. Express a meter; not a tempo. Rest as much as you play. Express music on every repetition. To repeat is not to […]

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